Our Clients Story

We needed to sell two of our properties because my husband and I wanted to retire and needed money to move.  Someone came out and gave us a cash offer on both of our properties the same day.  I was very surprise when we were told that the closing will be in two weeks! Closing went great too!

Paula A. Jackson

Debra was very helpful with assisting me and I was able to sell my house very fast!  Thank you so much Debra for helping me.

Eric Goldman Tampa, FL

Thanks Michelle for all of your help!  I appreciate everything you and your team has done for me! 

R. Clayton Rosemoor - Chicago

I had been going through difficult times and couldn’t afford my mortgage any longer.  Since I lost my main job and I’m a single mother, it was hard for me to keep up with my bills and my mortgage payments.  I received a postcard from Citrine Investors in which I called.  That was the best thing I have done because they were able to assist me by buying my house and I walked away with a check to get me going!

Mrs Pollack Hazel Crest, IL

They gave me an offer on my house and the following week I closed!  

Brian M. Davis MATA - Memphis, TN

I was so lucky to have been referred to Citrine Investors from a friend.  I had a house that I rented on 119th street in Miami but after I had my tenants evicted I never got the chance to fix it up.  Years went by and the condition of the house got worse.  I just wanted to get rid of the house because it was causing me money that I didn’t have.  I contacted Citrine Investors and they went out to look at my house and then offer me cash to sell my house.  They also paid my 2017 and 2018 taxes that I was behind in.  I was able to close faster and get the money I needed!  Very satisfied with the company! I highly recommend them! Thanks a million for helping me!

Ana Perez Coral Gables, FL

I was facing foreclosure and didn’t know what to do.  All I knew was that I couldn’t afford the property anymore because of the increase in taxes.  I spoke with Val and he was able to walk me through the foreclosure process which was fairly quick.  I was able to get out of the property easily and was able to save my credit.  I thank Citrine Investors for everything!

Albert Chicago, IL

I didn’t know what to do with this house that my grandmother left me since it had all kinds of problems. On top of that, I was getting sick of paying the taxes on this property every year. The guys at Citrine Investors were able to help me and buy my property without me coming up with money! I’m extremely satisfied with their service.

J. Nelson

Everything went very well. Quick and Fast closing! Thank you guys!

Peter Riddick Deerfield Beach, FL

I owned several rental properties in Florida that I couldn’t manage anymore.   First of all, I moved to North Carolina and so it was hard for me to manage my properties while living in another state. I end up getting a property manager that did a horrible job managing my properties.   So I decided to just sell my properties. I was referred to and contacted Kenny from Citrine Investors.  He and his team were able to assessed my properties and give me a good price for each one.  One of my property’s were vacant for a while and needed work.  I was able to sell without fixing it up.  The process was so simple and I was able to close very quick. I highly recommend this company! 

Mr. George

I inherited a duplex from my grandmother that I didn’t have time to maintain. It was a burden because of the repairs that was needed on the property. I was referred to Citrine Investors by a friend, and they were able to buy my duplex from me at a great price.

Cindy L. Wellington, FL