About Us



Citrine Investors is a privately owned, South Florida based real estate investment firm.  We work with both residential and commercial properties in high growth markets in cities throughout the USA.  We specialize in assisting property owners who may be in a distressed situation and may need immediate real estate solutions.  Since having and maintaining properties can or may be a burden, our goal is to acquire these assets which will give a quick relief for the property owner.  Our core value is to acquire underperforming, value added residential and commercial properties and create value through repositioning and restructuring.  This model can result in a growth in our portfolio as well as an alleviation for property owners.  Our team is made up of dedicated individuals who collectively has more than 10 years of real estate experiences and have assisted more than 300 clients with their real estate needs.  In our own portfolio, we have accumulated a variety of residential and commercial properties nationwide. Overall, we have acquired a multitude of single family homes, multifamily residential, land, and other commercial class assets.   



Citrine Investors is build on quality, integrity, and commitment.  We strive for excellence in our organization and aim to provide the highest level of quality in our work, with the upmost integrity, and committed to satisfying our clients with the best solutions.  



We will continue to remain the leading force in our industry based on our founding principles of quality, integrity, and commitment.  Our goals and strategies will allow us to help better communities, find the best solutions for property owners, and increase portfolio growth.  We strive to continue to be the best at creating value in people lives and in our properties that we acquire.  



If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.