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6 Ways to Sell Your Home Without Using A Realtor

Are you thinking about selling your home without using a realtor?  Selling your home without using a realtor can be very effective and profitable.  Before taking that route though, you must keep in mind that the process is far from easy. You’ll have to invest a lot of time doing the work an agent would ordinarily handle, which includes everything from showing your home and marketing it to negotiating the final price.  Nevertheless the process can definitely be done very effectively and can be very rewarding financially. 

Here are six ways to sell your home without getting an agent involved:

Advertise and Market– You should have some form of marketing plan together on how, where, and what avenues you are going to take when you start to advertise/market your home.  There are quite a few For Sale By Owners websites that you can advertise and market your home on such as zillow.com and forsalebuyowner.com just to name a few.  In addition, you should advertise by putting up “for sale by owner” signs, creating brochures, putting ads on craigslist and building a web site to market the property.  In addition to FSBO.com offers home-selling packages for homeowners that begin at $69.95 if you want to go that route.  This marketing packages include items like brochures and yard signs. There will be some costs involved in advertising the sale of your home, but they will be a fraction of a realtor’s commission. The real cost is the amount of time and energy you will need to put into selling your home.

Daily or weekly Open House– This is a great way to show and get people to see what your home looks like.  It will be good to stage your home or set your home up with decor first.  You can advertise your open house by making flyers and or brochures to hand to people to get to know more about your property.  It is also a good idea to provide light refreshments to people who come by to see your home just to get them warm and comfortable.

Price Your Home Right –  Some people may over price their home making it difficult to sell.  One of the keys in getting the “right” price for your home is to get a comparables (comp) report or do a comparison of the other similar homes in your area.  It’s easy to get hung up on this step and, especially if you’ve lived in your home for some time, you may feel compelled to overprice the home. Don’t fall into that trap. Remember, the goal of this process is to sell your home, so make sure the asking price is realistic.

Learn How to NegotiateNegotiating skills would definitely be needed if you are going to sell your own home.  Most people who are looking to buy your home, are going to want to negotiate and knowing the numbers and how to price your home is vital.  Real estate negotiations take the form of a contract that is submitted to the seller. The seller can accept the offer, or revise the contract and submit it to the buyer. The process continues until both parties sign a contract.  Doing your own negotiating ensures that you do not give away important indications of your financial strengths and weaknesses of your home.

Know the Selling Areas of Your Home – When selling your home, make sure to know the best parts of your house.  This will make your home stand out from the other homes when writing an ad or talking about your home in a brochure.  Describe the size, lot, or any great potential that your property has that will make it stand out from the rest.  Also if you have any recent renovations, it would be good to describe those as well.  Take a look at other listings on Craigslist, Realtors’ websites, and Yahoo to get an idea or a sense of what sort of details sellers and agents are including in their listings. You’ll quickly find out that features like granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and oversized rooms or windows entice buyers. Determine what’s special about your home and highlight those features in your marketing efforts.

Be Creative – Find creative ways to get the word out about your home.  For example, some homeowners design creative bandit signs to get their home sold.  Also be more familiar with social media marketing.  Facebook offers ads where you can create and target a certain group of people.  These people can see your property in a certain zip codes and would be able to get in contact with you or go to your open house.  You can also market on Instagram and other social media websites where a large group of people can be targeted.  Also consider posting a flyer in a grocery store, or store where a lot of families frequent.  Learn creative ways in marketing your home to get it sold. Think outside the box.

To sum it up, there are several ways to sell your home without utilizing a realtor services.  If you are not familiar with marketing or advertising you may struggle a little in this area but at the end, it will be worth the money and can save you a lot.  Learning certain skills such as marketing and negotiating would help you better with getting your home sold.  Selling a home is not for everyone because many people will not have the time or the patience to deal with the process. And for some, if the listing price is low enough, the potential savings might not be worth the time and effort necessary to sell the house without a realtor. Whatever the case, if you are planning to list your home, at least consider the great savings you could enjoy by selling the house on your own. If you know just a little about real estate, and you can put forth the effort to do a good job, you can save a tremendous amount of money by selling your own property.




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